Weeeeeeellllll…. ok ok so we suck at blogging! There is a reason for that! We have been to over 30 states this year, played to tens of thousands of people and have had some amazing experiences! Forgive us now?

This year has seemed like we have come so far musically. We are working on our first full length record, producing other artists, writing some KILLER new songs and literally have been driving the tires on our van and trailer down to nubs! If you don’t believe us, check out the Instagram for proof! www.instgram.com/brothervirginia!

Seriously though this year has been filled with some great things thus far with some REALLY exciting stuff to come later in the year! We are working our tail off to bring you the best music we can and a little escape front the mundane when you come to see us! We are not only going to have new music soon, BUT ALSO brand new merch! The new designs are KILLER! (at least we think so) Hopefully you will as well! We just wanted to pop into the page and give everyone a little shout out!

If you want to keep up with us all the time, make sure to join us on Instagram, Twitter and SOON we will be beefing up our Youtube channel!

Until then… Love you all!
Bro. V.