We get to travel the country and see so many great places, but when we come home it is always a welcome sight! There is nothing quite like seeing the Batman building over the horizon at 3:30 am after a 16 hour drive! I’m telling you son… there is not much better!!!! (Well except sleep… and cake… definitely chocolate cake… you get the idea) Having been to several towns/cities that we are the guest in, we have learned very quickly to blend in with the crowd! When in Green Bay DO NOT wear a Bears jersey. When coming out of South Texas, MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT speak ANY Spanish to the border patrol… (Don’t ask!)

So people if you must visit Nashville take a note out of our book, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE heed this advice… DO NOT wear a cowboy hat if you are not a legit cowboy! I mean if you happen to be a REAL cowboy, own a horse or perhaps have the first name Garth… then you are ok! Otherwise stop! Cowboy hats in Nashville are like Mickey ears in Orlando. You can always pick out who IS NOT from there because they are wearing¬†them! Granted there is something cool about strolling into Tootsies with your hat, and buckle that is ten times the size of your face, then that coolness lasts for literally 3.7 seconds and you realize you have ten gallons of ridiculous strapped to your head for the entire night! People here dress the same as anywhere in the country! We rarely say you’ins or haunt, and only use yonder every now and then!

So all you Broadway stompin’ weekend warrior cowboy studs, I am gonna quote you some lyrics from fellow country music superstar Nelly…

“It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes”, go back to your hotel room and come back dressed like you would dress to go out for a night on the town in your city! This is Steve V signing off with your public service announcement of the week! Thanks y’all!¬†Happy Honkytonkin! Leave those hats at home (unless you are a cowboy) and remember always remember to clap on 2 and 4!