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Well y’all it is about that time again! We are headed back into the studio to record a 5-6 song EP. (Not sure how many songs yet) We have picked out 4 of the 6 but are unsure of 2 of them! We just have so much un-cut GREAT material from hit writers all over...

How high can Fire Fly?

Well guys… It looks like this year is starting to heat up for us! Brother Virginia is not only planning a NEW tour, getting an AMAZING tour partner and working on our own record… but we are also releasing some of our OLD fan favorites to iTunes and...

2016 Brother Virginia and Oxygen Amps!

  Brother Virginia has started 2016 with a brand new endorsement! Oxygen Amplification out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada offers a large line of boutique amplifiers for the most discerning players! Steve Virginia says of Oxygen, ” Oxygen Amps are...

What have we been up to?

Weeeeeeellllll…. ok ok so we suck at blogging! There is a reason for that! We have been to over 30 states this year, played to tens of thousands of people and have had some amazing experiences! Forgive us now? This year has seemed like we have come so far...


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